Root Ball Hedging – what are root balls?

Root Ball Hedging

What is root ball hedging?

What is root ball hedging?

Root ball hedging plants are field-grown so often tend to be larger and bushier than container grown plants, making for a more cost-effective way to achieve an established hedge. Root ball season in the UK varies from year to year however it usually falls between October and March. The process of lifting root balls is performed during the dormant period to minimise the stress placed on the plant. The root system and surrounding soil are encased in a biodegradable hessian sack, creating the root ball. 

Root balls require care and attention to ensure plant success. Keep them well-watered if the weather is dry, especially evergreen root ball plants. As a guide, a new hedge will need at least 5-10 litres per meter of the hedge, twice a week. However, larger root ball plants will need substantially more.

At Folium and Flos, our rootball evergreen hedging plants come in a range of sizes, from 2ft to 7ft, and can be shipped nationwide. Our top seller is the Taxus Baccata, offering great bulk by value.

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