Your Plant Sourcing Experts

Your Sourcing Experts

Your Sourcing Experts

With this year coming to an end it’s time to update you with what’s been happening in the nursery.

Our shrub area is now complete, the new layout is so much easier for us and our customers to navigate. It’s great to be able to showcase all that we have to offer, so come in take a look, the team will run through all the shrubs that we have in stock.

On the subject of stock, have you seen our Tree Ferns? We had a huge shipment delivered all the way from Tasmania. The Dicksonia Antarctica variety is probably the best-known species for growing here in the UK. They’re hardy and slow-growing but they do need some protection from the UK winter climate. We suggest a fleece or straw to cover the crown – when the bitterness kicks in!

As you are probably well aware, hedging season is in full swing. We have a variety of root ball and container-grown hedging in stock and ready to dispatch so don’t forget to contact the team, they will be able to help with all your hedging enquiries.

Products of the Season

This month we decided on Camellia Japonica and Portuguese Laurel Pleached Trees as our products of the month.

We have seen an increase in demand for pleached trees over the past few weeks and we can see why. They are a great natural solution to screening and privacy and give an extra height element to any garden or outdoor space. We have a variety in stock ready to be dispatched.

Camellias are a strong favourite of our Nursery Manager James he said, “It’s a real treat to find evergreen shrubs that flower during the dull days of winter. Camellias are a great option when looking for colour at this time of year, we have seen a pop of colour in the Nursery this month which is a welcomed addition.” 

As always the team is on hand to help you with your enquiries and are sourcing experts. We work together with reputable growers to source everything you need at competitive prices. Simple, cost-effective and stress-free. See our plant sourcing service here

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