The Benefits of Pleached Trees

The benefits of Pleached Trees

Landscape architect Miranda Brooks and fellow contractor John Beitel describe in detail the French tradition and art of pleaching trees. Pleached trees can give many benefits to your garden, from focal points all the way through to privacy and security. See how the pleached Tree designs showcased in Vogue can give a variety of benefits

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Varieties of Pleached Trees currently on site

Pleached Beech Tree – Fagus sylvatica, the European beech or common beech is a deciduous tree belonging to the beech family Fagaceae.  Wikipedia

Pleached Cherry Laurel – Prunus laurocerasus, also known as cherry laurel, common laurel and sometimes English laurel in North America, is an evergreen species of cherry, native to regions bordering the Black Sea. Wikipedia

Pleached Copper Beech Tree – Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea are large deciduous trees grown for their deep purple leaves, which become reddish in autumn – RHS

Magnolia Pleached Tree, Bull Bay – magnolia grandiflora gallisoniensis  is a large, rounded evergreen shrub or tree with glossy dark green, leathery, oblong-elliptic leaves, often rusty-brown beneath, and highly fragrant, cup-shaped, cream flowers to 25cm across in late summer and autumn

Red Robin Pleached Tree – Photinia × fraseri, known as red tip photinia and Christmas berry, is a nothospecies in the rose family, Rosaceae. It is a hybrid between Photinia glabra and Photinia serratifolia. Wikipedia

Pleached Ilex Aquifolium ‘Nellie Stevens’ or Holly is a naturally small to medium-sized evergreen tree, it’s therefore ideal for screening purposes due to its compact habit.

Pleaching Trees – Miranda’s Garden – Vogue

Starring: Miranda Brooks and John Beitel