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Olive Trees

Olive trees and olive bushes are a species of essentially evergreen trees in the Olea Europaea family, they provide an instant Mediterranean look and feel to a garden or outdoor space. Having been cultivated in Mediterranean regions since at least 3000 B.C, both for its edible fruit and as a cultural symbol of joy, happiness and peace. At Folium and Flos we offer two main varieties of Oleo Europaea and Oleo Europaea Leccino.

Oleo Europaea (Common Olive Tree) – O. europaea has a rugged, much-branched habit and slow growth, eventually 4.5-9m. Leaves are narrowly obovate or oval, to 7.5cm long, leathery, silvery beneath. Very small white flowers are borne in axillary racemes to 5cm long. Fruit rarely produced in Britain (RHS). A genus of around 40 species of tender evergreen trees and shrubs with opposite leathery leaves.

Oleo Europaea Leccino (Italian Olive Tree) The Leccino olive is one of the primary olive cultivars used in the production of Italian olive oil. Across Italy, it is one of the primary olive cultivars found in olive groves. It is believed to have originated in Tuscany, and it is now grown all over the world . 

Folium and Flos offer a variety of sizes in stock at al times from the mini olive bush through to twisted olive trees and ancient gnarled olives. Ranging from 1.5 litre pots to 1000 litre. If you have a specific style or design for your garden that you require let us know and if we don’t have it in our available stock list we will try our best to source it for you.

For more information on the range of stock available contact the team today.

Olive Tree

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